How much does it cost?

Many people are curious about hand-crafted furniture, and might be interested but would like to know the cost. Craftsmen are reluctant to quote figures in advance since so much depends on the final design and materials chosen. A small table might cost less than $500, but a complex case piece (bureau, desk, etc.) of valuable wood could exceed ten times that amount.

We are often asked, "Why shouldn't I go buy a table at a local furniture store?" In many cases, that is the best alternative. If you want something quickly or know that you'll not want it around in ten or fifteen years, you might be better served with such furniture. Crafting furniture is a time-consuming, highly skilled occupation, and clients must understand that at the outset.

Typically, a design is arrived at by a collaboration between the client and us. The extent of the design fee depends on the degree of complexity. The design of a custom piece can also be furnished by a client or designer. Before a project is started, a client is supplied with a description of the project including materials to be used and finish to be applied. A price quote is also supplied. If the client elects to move ahead, a down payment is typically expected in advance of materials purchase.