About Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is furniture built to a client's specifications. It may be a luxurious conference table for a large corporation, a dresser built to match one inherited from a grandparent, or a chair built to accommodate a person who does not fit the "standard adult human" size formulae. Furniture can be built to match existing pieces in wood, finish, style, or even "feeling."

Custom furniture can also incorporate pieces of history. It is not uncommon for clients to want a piece made from a tree that stood for years in their front yard. An inherited piece of furniture may be so damaged by fire, age, etc. that the only means of preservation is to incorporate the salvage into a new piece, either a replica of the original or perhaps a new design, much as an heirloom diamond might be remounted in a new setting. Here's an example.

At Warburton Woods we are sensitive to history, both of furniture as a decorative art and of people's lives and families. We are also very much interested in developing and building "green" furniture. This can mean using sustainable woods, using VOC-free finishes, recycling wood, etc. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.