Heart Table

This client had obtained the wood for this bedroom set decades ago and finally decided to have this bedroom set made. The wood is very interesting; it's karri (or Eucalyptus diversicolor) from Australia. This wood was imported into the US decades ago to serve as mine timbers. Karri is extremely hard, almost twice as hard as red oak. The client, a fellow woodworker, bought several unused timbers and sawed them into planks. He is a professional woodturner and didn't have the time build this for himself. Recently he and his wife (a residential designer) asked me to build the bedroom set for them using the karri. They specified they wanted something simple, not ornate. They also asked for the removable insert in the headboard. They provided measurements for the headboard and nightstands.

The headboard insert can be fabric covered to match existing upholstery. As the two images below show, merely changing the color of the insert makes a large difference in the appearance of the headboard. As you can see from the initial design sketch (in the last panel), the arched rail was originally intended to end at the vertical posts, but in the construction phase, I was taken with the overhang and the Asian flair it added. The clients agreed to go with the design change.

The front of the nightstands are curved and are made of several laminations of karri bent around a form. Tthe drawer front is cut from the same lamination, allowing the grain to continue uninterrupted across the front. Below you can see the initial 3D sketches for the client's approval.