Clients comments
from clients

"The chest is so wonderful; beautiful wood and workmanship, and wonderful finish. Every time I walk by it, I just have to stop a moment to appreciate how exactly right it looks in my home; I could not be happier or prouder to have this truly stunning chest."


"I just want to tell you how pleased we are with the guest bedroom headboard and night stands that you constructed for us.  The craftsmanship is outstanding – being a fussy woodworker myself I can say that with some credibility.  We really like the curved top to the headboard, the interchangeable front to it, and on the night stands the curved fronts to the drawers, which subtly tie the set together.  Though from the start the design was fundamentally ours, planned for a very small room, your translation of our ideas into your plans was a great interaction.  You kept us informed and more than once made excellent suggestions for modification, providing us with computer-generated images of how the final product might look.  And, I will have to say, it is wonderful to see how you dealt with the old hardwood that we had salted away for years, taking it and making something memorable and beautiful from it.  Thanks so much.  Your careful and thoughtful work has resulted in something we truly value."


"What I needed was a companion piece of furniture that matched a 3-piece bedroom unit.  The three piece set was originally a custom build, which made it even more difficult to find a match in an "off the shelf market".  All I asked of Warburton Woods was to simply do the impossible:  Construct a piece (based on a pencil sketch) to sit on top of the existing dresser, match both wood and color, and add a bit of creative design to personalize it.  When he brought over the finished product, I was completely blown away by the workmanship, attention to detail, and the precision of the match.  Money well spent!"